1. Coupling_building_simulation_with_a_hardware_real-time_controller.
    Antony Maitos, Filip Jordan, Bernard Lidicky, Karel Kabele, Paul Strachan.
    SBTP 2010, Prague.ISBN: 978-80-254-86610
    Keywords: synchronization, real-time, actuation, BEMS, BAS, simulation assisted control.
  2. A complete software application providing automated measurements storing, monitoring and feedback for dispersed environmental sensors – B_635-649_Christias.
    Christias, Maitos, Voglis.
    PCI 2007, University of Patras.
  3. Case studies on discomfort levels in different regions in Athens
    Antoniou A., Larissi I, Maitos A., Paliatsos A.
    SYNENERGY II, September 2008, Spetses, Greece.
  4. Backup-powering of TEI lab using photovoltaics-III_4.
    Tsitomeneas S. Maitos A., Xaritopoulos.
    SYNENERGY II, September 2008, Spetses, Greece.

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