Turning point: solar cheaper than wind

It was bound to happen, and apparently it has: utility-scale solar-generated power, certainly in sunny parts of the world, appears to be cheaper than wind and both are cheaper than fossil-fuel generated power, writes Fereidoon Sionshansi, president of Menlo Energy Economics and publisher of the newsletter EEnergy Informer.  The headline news – long awaited by renewable Read More …

Cost of electricity by solar parks

In a really interesting post, mr. Ramez Naam, writes down the costs of electricity production via solar parks, in various world locations: http://rameznaam.com/2016/09/21/new-record-low-solar-price-in-abu-dhabi-costs-plunging-faster-than-expected/ The most interestig part is the fact that solar electricity can now be produced at a price lower than 3cents/kWh.