Free (for personal use) software you can install after Windows 10

After the #BREXIT, I was asked by one undergraduate student what to do with a  broken windows 10 installation. After the obvious answer to reinstall windows 10, I came across an article about stuff to install after upgrading to windows 10. The article wasnt that interesting , so I wrote down my own list of apps. Similar to my older post about stuff to install after linux installation…Q

  1. A freeware user-friendly antivirus like AVG or AVAST.
  2. A freeware rock hard firewall like COMODO
  3. A free for personal use office suite like WPS
  4. A journal type app, like Microsoft Onenote
  5. A cloud app like Onedrive or GDrive
  6. A pdf reader/editor like Foxit or Xchange
  7. Opera (my favourite) or Chrome.
  8. Zotero or Mendeley
  9. A personal organizer / email client like em-Client or Opera mail.

2 be continued….

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