Python editors and IDEs

During my Python learning curve, I have taken some time  to experience different editors.



Thus, I have concluded that depending on the user level one attains (beginner/intermediate/advanced), one should use a different editor. Tools do make a difference:) From this experience I have understood the following:

  1. IDLE or GEANY are both reasonable starting editors. GEANy has rudimentary IDE capabilities, so I would suggest that it is the ideal editor to start programming, since it is really versatile.
  2. Once one gets to know the language and requires more like debugging, variable definitions, etc, an advanced environment is required. So a typical IDE is necessary. For the time being I have found SPYDER  ( e.g. included with ANACONDA), to be appropriate for the job. Spyder has the obvious advantage of having both a user interface and a working environment very similar to Matlab.
  3. Once the user advances there are quite a few different choices. Pycharm, Comodo edit, etc. I havent made up my mind on these yet!

So do choose one of the above and enjoy learning Python:)!

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