Thumps up for Wunderlist: a truly productive GTD tool

I am as much a procrastinator as anyone. In order to achieve reasonable productivity , I have been searching and using various software tools regarding GTD.

The two first tools that I had tested were:

  1. the Pomodoro technique. You can check out the pomodoro tecnique via tomatotimer, or any other
    timer tool. It simply consists of breaking down your worktime in 25 minutes’ pieces. And it does work,
    yet it can stress one out at times.
  2., which seemed to be a quite good tool, since I could use it on all my devices and it was
    pretty simple in its interface and operation.

Nevertheless after a few months of usage, I realised that there were a few things missing in its free version.
Trying to form an opinion, i found out a unique comparison site (, which  compared the three most typical  productivity/gtd tools.  And the data showed that all of the three were similar. So I just chose the one that:

  • allowed to set deadlines and reminders easily
  • had a nice folder type organization
  • integrated wonderfully with gmail (appears on the same screen as a screen percentage!)

Wunderlist. After only a couple of days I realised it was working productively for me. So I do suggest it 🙂

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