Mendeley Vs ZOTERO

After working with ZOtero, I have realized that it is a more convenient tool than both Mendeley and Endnote. It easily integrates with MS Word, It had perfect synchronization with Firefox, and I wish I had known this information when I started on the PhD trip.

I admit that after spending time with all three well known reference managers, Zotero is my choice!

Mendeley desktop is quite useful. I ve installed Mendeley v1.3 and though it has taken a few hours to get it to operate properly, once I managed to get it to import my references, it worked like a charm. I will try to list its advantages here:

  1. It eliminates the need to have a different referencing platform per OS, since it operates successfully both in Linux and in Windows 7.
  2. It can rename all of  the user’s papers according to an author_journal referncing system, or otherwise, via tags (bubbles) that the user selects
  3. It allows the user to check via the Mendeley web, whether the user’s citation brings up the same paper, thus allowing the user to correct any mistypes.
  4. Its interface is user-friendly and it is straightforward to use – at least as straight forward as Referencer.
  5. It can backup the referencing database, as well as its contents (aka tha papers), in the cloud..:)

Still I have not used it with my favourite word processor (..2010), but if it cooperates reasonably, then its a huge YES for me.

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